FIFA 20 - Group Coaching - Kaan


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FIFA 20 – Group Coaching – Kaan


Date: 8th of April 2020, 9pm CET

With our group coaching you will be able to improve specific areas of your game while connecting with like minded FIFA players at the same time. In this 90 minute session professional FIFA player and Elite coach Kaan will teach you the keys to a successful attacking game by explaining the theory behind scoring goals in FIFA 20, analyzing gameplay scenes in-depth and answering all your questions during q&a. Homework exercises that you can then practice with other players from the group are included as well.

The session will hold place on our THE GUIDE Discord channel via voice call and screen share from coach Kaan.

Therefore please join our Discord channel by clicking the link below and submit your Discord account name in the according field during checkout, so that we can add you to the group!

You can join HERE!

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