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Cancellation Policy Admonition

All consumers „Verbraucher“ (according to §13 BGB) have a right of withdrawal from the contract (cancellation) in the following measure:

Beginning of the cancellation policy admonition

1. Right of Cancellation

You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without stating any reasons.

The fourteen days of the right of cancellation commence on the day of the conclusion of the contract. In order to execute your right of withdrawal from the contract, you must inform us by sending an explicit statement (e.g. by E-Mail or a letter sent via post) regarding your decision to cancel this contract to the address stated below. You may use the attached sample form, however using the sample form is not compulsory.

bPartGaming GmbH
Oranienburger Straße 32, 10117 Berlin

E-Mail-Adresse: coaching@bpartgaming.de

The deadline is met, as long as you send the notice regarding your intention to cancel the contract before the deadline has passed.

1. Consequences of Cancellation

In case you cancel the contract, we will pay back all payment that we have received from you within fourteen days starting on the day that we have received your notice regarding the cancellation of the contract. For this transaction we will use the same instrument of payment that you used during the original transaction, unless something else has been explicitly agreed. In any case the back-payment does not mean that you will be charged an extra amount.

In case you have demanded that the coaching shall commence within fourteen days after concluding the contract , you must pay us an adequate amount, that complies with the portion that has been carried out until the point where you have informed us about your decision to execute your right of cancellation in comparison to the overall extent of the services that were originally intended in the contract.

End of the cancellation policy admonition

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