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Professional presentation with clear didactic concepts. From timeless basics to secrets of the elite players. THE GUIDE+ tells you what the meta is and how you can achieve your goals, whether that’s beating your friends, climbing ranks in Division Rivals oder improving your Weekend League performance.

With content every other day we make sure that you stay on top of the always evolving FIFA meta game and know about the best finishing techniques, formations, tactics, FUT cards and much more at all times!

But improving alone is not that much fun. So THE GUIDE+ is more than that! You get access to an exclusive FIFA community with like minded players and of course the creators of THE GUIDE.

What's included?

The content pieces contain articles and videos. Get next level hands-on FIFA 21 gameplay tips, FIFA Ultimate Team guides and the latst custom tactics and mentality tips to stay ahad of the meta game.

You are part of a community of like-minded FIFA enthusiasts that try to get better by helping each other and training together. You also have the chance to ask questions to the creators of THE GUIDE.

You regularly have the chance to submit your gameplay for analysis. We periodically pic a community gameplay submission and give in-depth tips on how to improve your game.

If you are subscribing to THE GUIDE+ for at least 6 months, you will receive a 10% voucher for your first individual FIFA coaching.

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About The Creators

Over 1000 combined hours of private coaching - FIFA analysts on TV - ex pro gamers - content creators for 8+ years

Benjamin "TaZz" Drexler

Benjamin “TaZz” Drexler is creating FIFA tutorial videos since FIFA 12 and started to compete in tournaments at the same time. Among several weekly and monthly Top200 finishes in FUT Champions, he reached the Top8 at the Virtual Bundesliga in 2013/14 and finished in the Top8 in FIFA 17 at the first European Regional Qualifier Event in Paris.

Georg "CruzzAve" Raffelt

Georg “CruZzAve” Raffelt is creating educational FIFA content since FIFA 13 around which time he also started his competitive journey in the game. He was able to qualify for the Grand Final of the German National Championship ‘Virtuelle Bundesliga’ twice in 2014 and 2015. Online he managed to reach the weekly and monthly Top200 in the Weekend League numerous times.

Kaan "Jedijaster" Ilhan

Kaan ”Jedijaster” Ilhan has been playing FIFA since FIFA 12. He began his competitive journey in FIFA 19 and grinded all the way from being an Elite 3 player to a consistent Top200 player in FUT Champions. He has been coaching for bPartGaming since the start of FIFA 20, which he enjoys by sharing his knowledge of the game with others.

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Learning alone is only half the fun. With THE GUIDE+ you can connect with like-minded FIFA enthusiasts.
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  • Latest custom tactics and mentality tips
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Free THE GUIDE+ Example Videos & Articles

With the directional nutmeg – a move which in that form is new in FIFA 21 – we might have such a thing. At the moment Iโ€™m around 2100 skill rating in Division Rivals and people are already on the track to integrating it in their game. So it wonโ€™t be long until you will encounter it as well, if it doesnโ€™t get nerfed or a good way to counter is established. Please read and enjoy this article so that you know how to use this new mechanic to your advantage and also be prepared for what might be ahead of you. โ†’ View full article
In this video we present you a guide for the 4411-1 formation. The 4411 formation is a well-balanced formation in defense and attack. Therefore it can be good basic starter formation for your first Weekend Leagues.

The video consists of two major parts:ย 
  • Part 1: formation, tactics, instructions and players in it
  • Part 2: in-depth gameplay analysis at which we explain how you can actually play with this formation in a game
โ†’ View full article
In this article we are going to take a look at a very powerful skillmove combination that doesn’t take too much practice to learn and is incredibly effective once you have the mechanics down! It is used frequently by non other than Fnatic Tekkz, a professional FIFA player and by many considered the best in the world! The skill combo consists of first doing either a fake shot into stand or a L1/LB step and then right afterwards performing La Croqueta. Let’s dive into the details! โ†’ View full article
One of the biggest defending tips that new players get to hear all the time is “Don’t touch your center backs or backline in general! Instead use your CDMs to run backwards and cut passing lanes or put pressure from behind.”. However that advice is very much outdated and limits your defending capabilities quite a lot. So let’s take a look on how to defend modernly by selecting your center backs more aggressively! โ†’ View full article

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