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FIFA 20 – Top 5 factors for chance creation

FIFA 20 – Top 5 factors for chance creation

In this article Valerio will show you how to make your decisions in and around the box to increase your success. There are five factors to consider, each one individually, but most importantly, together they will lead to success.

1st Factor: body positioning

It is important to pay attention to which direction your player is looking when he receives the ball and where you want to move to. Because if you neglect this, you cannot choose the right tool to move in the right direction.

Sometimes it is very easy to just dribble with the left stick in that direction, but if you want to go in a direction that is at a 90° angle, for example: use the Scoop Turn. The Scoop Turn is a variation of the fake shot and belongs to the basic skill moves, which you can watch again in this video.

2nd Factor: strong foot

Of course it would be best to have a team where no player has less than 5 stars weak foot and even if all offensive players have this, it can happen that a midfielder is in attack at once. So if you have a player in a dangerous situation you have to align him to his strong foot and for this, you need the 1st factor.

If you end up on your weak foot, if you ball roll or left stick parallel enough to the near post, you can still give your player the opportunity to use his strong foot using an outside of the boot animation

To put the ball on his strong foot, you need to know which foot is the strong one, especially in your main team this should be given, but always inform yourself in briefly if you play the FUT Draft mode.

3rd Factor: opponents’ position

If you are not aware of which player your opponent has selected and how he moves, you may dribble right into him and lose the ball. So pay attention to this:

If your opponent is always challenging you from the front, pass the ball around or use fake dribbles to unsettle him.

  • What player has your opponent picked?
  • What is the player’s position in relation to you?
  • How is your opponent defending so far? If you are having trouble identifying your opponent’s defensive style, check out Georg’s latest video.

If your opponent is very close to you and there is a large free area behind you, try to use the dummy to let the opponent pass. We have a dedicated video for the dummy move, because it is a very useful tool in FIFA 20.

4th Factor: shooting angles

In every FIFA there are different angles from which it is easier to shoot at the goal. This year it is especially the near post, which is quite strong. So if you have the chance to align yourself well to the near post, this is always your first option. Otherwise, always try to finish with the strong foot (2nd factor) if no defender can block the shot.

5th Factor: combining everything

In the end, one thing remains to be said above all:
FIFA games are very dynamic, and you rarely find the same situations as before on a 1:1 basis. So you have to consider each of these factors at the same time, often in a small time window, to make your attack a success.

But if you always keep this in mind and practice the factors, your attacks will be even more successful in the future. The factors we have presented to you are not set in stone, of course, but they will help you be more creative in your attack and give you clearer opportunities.

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