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FIFA 20 – Our Top 5 Tips On Dribbling

FIFA 20 – Our Top 5 Tips On Dribbling

After Valerio took a deep dive into the top 5 dribbling techniques Georg takes a closer look at dribbling in FIFA 20 itself. 

Ball contacts

On real and digital pitches, ball contacts are the most important part of dribbling. If you put the ball too far ahead in a sprint, the defenders can easily take the ball away. Lower the tempo of your player to have more control on the ball and turn away from pressure with a closer dribbling technique like Strafe Dribbling or Precision Dribbling.

The importance of the ball contact should not be underestimated, because it always depends on the timing when you want to change your direction. During a ball contact you can change direction smoother than between two contacts. It’s the only time where your controller inputs get translated into actions. Therefore knowing when you will have your next ball contact and how far you can put the ball in front of you is essential to know.

On the one hand take your time to create chances around the box, don’t hesitate to use slower but more controlled dribbling variations and on the other hand try to use the green in front of you with good sprints.

Analyzing your opponent

No matter how good you are at the game, in the end you can only play as good as your opponents allow you to, which means you must keep an eye on your opponent.

Besides Dribbling this is a crucial concept for attacking in general: always check which player your opponent controls and what he does. Does he pressure you or does he let the AI defend?This information determines your further actions:

  • If he attacks you aggressively → turn away quickly or pass the ball to someone else
  • If he stays passive and covers passes → don’t play a pass into him, continue to dribble forward and look for other options or force him to attack you once you get close to goal

Georg explains situations in which you might be able to play the fastest sort of attack – the counterattack.

Avoid losing the ball: Use your body

The simplest technique to stay in possession of the ball is to put your body between your opponent and the ball. Always try to avoid turning into your opponents, keep the ball as close as possible to your body but as far as possible from your opponent.

Never turn 90° or 180°. With these movements players easily lose control of the ball, because the movements are too ambitious. Instead try to turn smoothly 360° around your opponent or later fake this circle move when he tries to anticipate it. 

In combination with other techniques like shielding with L2/LT or fake turns it can be very strong to keep possession everywhere on the pitch.

Fake turns

When dribbling, it is necessary to have the surprise effect on your side. So confuse your opponent with spins in a direction you don’t want to go. Or even better: turn twice and try to make it as hard as possible for your opponent to anticipate your actions. Make him feel uncomfortable defending you because you are unpredictable.

Be unpredictable

Leave your habits behind and try new dribbles, look at your own gameplay and analyze where you lose the ball while dribbling. These are the situations where you need to come up with something new. Sometimes it helps to surprise yourself once in a while.

Do a sprint where you normally pass. Dribble with a player that’s normally not part of the offense, but never force those situations, give them a try and they will give you more options.

We hope that these top 5 dribbling tips can help you to create more chances and lose the ball less. If you still feel uncomfortable with attacking you can also take a look at our FIFA 20 Coaching offers or our Online Course which covers different aspects like “learn to read your opponent” as well.

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