FIFA 20 Precision Dribbling – The most effective and simple dribbling technique

In FIFA 20 precision dribbling is a powerful weapon to set the pace of the game. Valerio takes a closer look at the new slow dribbling mechanic. He will show you how to do it, how to use it and when to use as well as the risks of using it.

How to do it

In previous FIFAs we had the precision dribbling mapped to L1/LB but this year you have to hold L2+R2 (LT+RT) while moving normally with the left stick to execute it. Your player changes the way he moves the ball. While using the precision dribbling he keeps the ball closer to the body and moves slower.

How and when to use it

There are two very specific moments where you can make good use of it: To turn away from pressure and to bait the pressure. Whenever you get into a tight situation with your opponent, you can free yourself with precision dribbling in most cases, because you can change your pace and control your directional changes better, giving your opponent less opportunities to tackle.

When you are close to the box, opponents often increase the pressure, try to pull the opponent out with slow dribbling until there are gaps for your teammates and you can easily pass the ball to them. Another option is to let go of the L2/LT-Button to start a sprint, when your opponent comes too close, this will give you enough space to find new options.

This year, many players are playing with low depth and most of them even drop back, so there is less space in front of the box. With the normal left stick dribbling you could easily lose the ball, but with precision dribbling you get more time to wait for your teammates and create chances. This results in more time on the whole pitch to make better build-up decisions in FIFA 20.

The risks of the Precision Dribbling

  • Don’t overuse it, if your opponent anticipates it well, he can easily defend it with the jockey defense in a static position.
  • Watch your surroundings, AI Players can block you easily if you dribble right into them.

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