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FIFA 20 – Dribbling Speed Boost

FIFA 20 – Dribbling Speed Boost

TaZz has already shown you how to use strafe dribbling to change the game in your favor. This time Valerio shows you how to get an even bigger advantage through a dribbling speed boost.

How to do it

As a basic requirement to gain the speed boost you need to perform a strafe dribbling with a locked angle, to execute it you need to hold L1/LB + R1/RB. If you only hold L1/LB, then you automatically turn towards the goal, this is not what you want, instead you want to stay exactly at the angle that results in the best direction for your speed boost.

Timing is crucial: As soon as you see the possibility to sprint past your opponent, release L1/LB + R1/RB and at this moment you press the sprint button R2/RT to get the speed boost, practice this mechanic a few times in the FIFA 20 skill games.

For many players, the way they hold the controller might be a problem: Your index finger will be busy holding R1/RB, so you should consider using your middle finger for R2/RT.

How to use it

To get the best out of this method you need the right players: fast, agile, quick and very good dribbling stats of course. If you try this with bulky midfielders, the result will not be the same, they are too slow and the risk of losing the ball is very high.

One of the best options for the speed boost is on the wings. It’s a good addition to our 3 tips to master wingplay video. If you are covered well, try to use the boost to get more space between you and the defender.

Another option on the wings is to wait for the defender that wants to cover you and be patient until the exact moment arrives where you let him behind and release your speed boost. You can gain enough space to feed players in the middle or in the back to score.

In FIFA 20 we often have the problem that fellow players don’t present themselves well and don’t really become an open man, both on the wing and in the middle. With the speed boost you can now create new rooms to send your players into. You can even easily get rid of a player who stands away right in your passing lane.

Those three options are very useful, but the most useful situation is in and around the opponents’ box. Sprints in FIFA 20 lack the explosiveness that is needed to create space, but with the speed boost you can create more 1vs1 situations that lead into dangerous goal scoring opportunities.

You can be a little bit like Arjen Robben. You always knew what he was up to, but nobody could really defend it because he picked up the pace at the right moment and always got his shot off.

The speed boost is an advanced technique, if you have problems with it try the basics of dribbling first. If you still have problems, then maybe our online course with an in-depth gameplay analysis will help you. Alternatively you can book one of our individual FIFA 20 coachings to train together with a coach.

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