FIFA 20 Attacking Guide – Counterattack and possession play

In FIFA 20 it is necessary to balance counterattacking and possession play. There are a few key points you need to keep in mind for a successful build-up play in FIFA: the game state, opponent, area of the pitch and defense positioning. We cover all these elements in the following article as well as the attached video.

Game state and opponent

These two points inevitably belong together, because you have to use them to judge which method is best suited to defeat the opponent.

For example if it’s a close match, your opponent pressures high on the pitch and is using offside traps as well to keep you as far away as possible from his penalty box. You have to take your time and start a possession play to get into is uncomfortable zones. If you rush your attacks you will most likely lose the ball. As soon as you are closer to the box try to avoid his tackles with the use of skill moves and turns. It is essential that you keep patient to score a goal. Using the wings can be vey helpful in dismantling the opponents defense. If you have problems to widen your game and play over the wings take a look at our Wingplay video.

On the other hand if your opponent plays drop back and defends close to his box, whether you are behind or in front, you now need to win the ball clearly and start a fast counterattack to find defenders out of positions.

Area of the pitch

Where you are on the pitch is also not to be neglected, the closer you are to the opponent’s goal when you intercept the ball, the better counterattacks can be executed.
This results in a simple rule: As soon as you recover the ball near halfway line or closer to the opponent’s goal try a counterattack, but if the ball is closer to your box, then build up slowly to avoid conceding a counterattack by yourself.

Defense positioning and space

As already mentioned the opponent’s actions need to be considered. This also remains true in his build-up game, if he tends to involve the defenders in the build-up he opens up space in his defense, if you recover the ball in these moments counterattacks have a high chance of success. Try to use the space with driven passes or trough balls.
If you recover the ball close to your box and the opposing players are all in the right positions and covering passing lanes very well it is now important to secure the ball and build up slowly. No matter where on the pitch you get the ball, it is important to check first if you have free passing lanesthe blind pass quickly forward is a bad habit that many players have and therefore they get many counterattacks. Defensive positioning is not only about the opponent, but also about you! Depending on how you win the ball, you have to make the right decision only if you have a perfect tackle and are aligned towards the open space without balance problems you can start a direct counterattack.

If you still have problems with build, then have a look at our offers for FIFA Coaching or our FIFA Online Course, which also has its own category “ingame” where we show you how to read your opponent and more detailed tips for the build-up game.

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